Let the stone help you out

The Hinduism has a number of branches that deal with different aspects of life. As per a branch of Hinduism known, as Vedic Astrology, there are also stones that can have positive or negative effects on the human body and mind of the wearer. There are many stones that represent various planets and hence as per the planetary position in one’s horoscope the wearer needs to wear some stones that can help to avoid the malefic effect of the concerned planet. However, some of the planets are fast and hence as soon as the wearer wears the stone one can see its effects while a few are slow that shows the slower effects on the wearer. To refrain from any issue, it is better to ask an expert and wear the stone after that only.

original blue sapphire

The Blue Sapphire:

This is a famous stone among those who believe in Vedic Astrology. It represents the famous planet of Saturn which is also known as Shanidev. As per Hinduism, he is the God of Judgment and reward of one’s doing which is known as Karma. This blue stone is much known for its quick results. It can offer positive or negative results of wearing the stone as per the planetary situation of Saturn in his horoscope. Therefore, for an individual, it is important to know the situation of Saturn. It is better to ask an expert about the planetary position first and if he recommends than only go for wearing the same. One needs to wear the stone of minimum weight of 5.25 ratti. One can wear it on a finger in a ring or on the wrist as a bracelet. Many people also wear it as a pendant in a necklace. One needs to fix the stone in Gold or Silver before wearing. The ideal day for wearing the original blue sapphire is Saturday. For the effective result of wearing this stone, one needs to have an original stone only. Hence it is better to buy the stone from some reliable seller who can provide it with a certificate of originality.

The Coral Moonga:

This stone is also named as Pravel. The colour of the stone is red, and it represents the Planet Mars. This planet is known as a fast planet. It is more connected with the field of electricity and land. Hence those who deal in these sectors must wear original coral moonga stone. There are also many spiritual as well as health benefits of wearing this stone. It can help one concentrate well and also purify the blood. Those who have to frequently change the line of business or location, as well as job and career, need to wear this stone.

The best day to wear this stone is Tuesday. The stone if one wants to wear in a ring must be worn on the ring finger, and it must be fixed in a ring made of gold or silver. For better quality stone one must get it from a genuine seller or can buy it some known online store.

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