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Plan a baby shower on your own

There are many kinds of parties or occasions that are celebrated these days. Baby shower is one such happy occasion where a couple is all set to welcome their new bundle of joy soon.

There are baby shower event planners Navi Mumbai, who can help you to arrange such a party. Those who are arranging this party should always keep this in mind that it is a very important day in the new mother’s life. It is a day full of friends, relatives and also fun and festive party.

These are the following things and are basic things that one should think about and then start the planning for a proper a baby shower party.

  • First of all, you have to select a proper date and time. You can ask the family concerned about their preferable date and time. Whether they want the party in the afternoon or in the evening. Most of the baby shower party plans are made when the expectant mom is about seven months old in her pregnancy. So, one has to keep in mind her comfort ability and when she will be able to attend the party.
  • Then one has to make a proper list of the guests who should be coming to attend the party and then make a budget accordingly along with other expenses. Look for a venue which will be perfect and comfortable for arranging a baby shower. The centre of attraction is the expectant mother and she is pregnant. So, choose a venue where she does not have to climb the steps a lot or have to walk around a lot to meet and greet the guests. Also, you have to check the position of the venue. It has to be in such a location which can be found out easily. Even if one of the guests does not know the exact location of the venue; they can reach there easily. You also have to keep in mind the season. If it is a rainy season or mid of summer then do not go for an open-air venue as it will be either too much rain or too much heat. Go for open roof if only it is a pleasant spring or winter.
  • Then comes the most important part of the party which is the food. One has to make a proper menu which suits the all. The event planners Navi Mumbai should also make such a menu which will have food options for both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian loving people. There has to be some welcome drinks for the guests. In baby shower like occasions it is better not to keep hard drinks but varieties of mock tails will serve the purpose. There should be a cake or variation of sweets at the end as it is a happy occasion.
  • One can also make a proper invitation card for the guests instead of calling them and inviting them over the phone. Choose an innovative design keeping the purpose of the party in mind.

There are many birthday party planners Navi Mumbai who will plan a birthday party for you. In fact, there are professionals available for whatever kind of party you want to arrange. They will take the entire responsibility and do it on behalf of you.

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